Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Questionable Weather

In October, we straddle the line between warm and cold weather, and it can be hard to know what to wear on a day to day basis. When the climate goes from sun to rain in a heartbeat, it can be tempting to just stay indoors to keep warm. However, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and it’s perfect for a huge range of activities that can entertain old and young alike. We’ve hand picked some of the ways you can get out and about this Autumn!



One of the main reasons we love autumn so much is the way the colour palette of the world around us changes so distinctively. Green leaves and blue skies give way to fiery hues of yellow and red, with the grey clouds giving a striking backdrop. The beauty of these changing colours often inspires us to get out and see them up close and personal. With the UK offering hundreds of forested areas that have walking or hiking routes for all levels of experience, it’s a great idea for getting outside to appreciate nature.

What to wear:

For woodland walks, you’ll need to give your feet maximum protection. Not only should you choose boots that protect you from the elements, they also need to provide you with excellent comfort and padding from the hard ground. We recommend opting for Timberland’s Icon boot (below, left); the timeless style mixes perfectly with high quality materials and durable waterproofing. They come with 200g of PrimaLoft insulation, so you’ll stay warm even if you veer off the beaten track.

For a jacket, you’ll want something that is warm and cosy without being restrictive. For men, the Scar Ridge down-free waterproof jacket (below, middle) from Timberland is one of our favourites. It’s classified as ‘warmest’ in Timberland’s new warmth grading system and comes with DryVent technology which guarantees it is waterproof but still has room to breathe. For women, the Hikesteller insulated parka (below, right) from The North Face is waterproof but breathable, with a fun modern design and an adjustable hood.

We know that autumn isn’t exactly the season for sunbathing on the beach, but the coast at this time of year can offer some striking vistas and a battering of fresh air with all the smells that come along with the seaside. You might not go for a swim, but it’s a great way to spend time with the family whilst still experiencing the best of nature – plus, the dog will love it! You could have some fish and chips on Brighton Beach after a day exploring the city, or you could hunt down a quiet patch of sand down in Devon to watch the waves crash against the rocks.

What to wear:

Coastal areas are usually a lot more windy than inland, so it’s important to think about the chill that might come with a hefty seaside breeze. A good insulated gilet is a good addition to your autumn wardrobe, and the Sylvester women’s vest from The North Face comes in a retro orange and burgundy so you stand out against the beachy shades. For men, the classic Nuptse Down is the perfect partner for windy walks. With the shiny fabric and oversized baffles of its original predecessor, it also has a water-repellent finish and a bungee cinch at the hem so you can get a precise, comfort fit.

One accessory to think about this autumn is the humble hat. When the colder weather kicks in, and the wind starts blowing, your head (and hairstyle) will thank you if you cover it with a cosy hat from the Barts range. With a whole host of awesome colours and styles, the beanies are designed to keep you toasty even if the world around you is inching towards freezing. They’re also incredibly stylish so you can dress them up or down depending on what the day holds.






One of the most entertaining way to spend an autumn afternoon is fruit picking. Whether you want to gather as many apples as you can carry for a tasty pie or crumble, or you’re looking for the perfect pumpkin for a Halloween display, the UK is chock full of farms that offer fruit picking. Not only is it a great excuse to go and explore some areas you may not have visited previously, it’s a really great way to give your kids an idea of where their food comes from and how important local farms are.

What to wear:

As this is a perfect occasion for children to enjoy, why not wrap their feet up warm in a pair of Icon boots from Timberland. You could even choose the same ones you have and twin it! For a cute twist on the classic, you can go for the Icon Junior in beige which can goes great with autumn colours.

Keeping with the theme of autumn warmers, it’s probably going to be scarf weather soon and when you are out and about picking apples or choosing your jack-o’-lantern so we recommend the Samara from Barts which comes in a highly autumnal rust colour palette. Equally important to keep warm are your hands, which can be covered with the Nubuck Glove from Timberland. These gloves come with touch tips meaning you don’t need to take them off to snap some pictures of your family with their fruit haul.

There are dozens of amazing activities to enjoy this autumn, no matter if it’s cold or rainy. We recommend filling your seasonal calendar with fun, safe in the knowledge that you can get everything you need for every adventure at Seventy Three.

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