How to Prepare Your Autumn Wardrobe

If you’ve spent the summer in shorts and t-shirt, enjoying various adventures in the sun, then you are probably not looking forward to the cold setting in. Whilst we’ve been blessed with some beautiful days and balmy nights, it won’t be long until you’ll need to dig out your best waterproof jacket in order to enjoy the outdoors.

Let’s look at some of the key autumn wardrobe items that will give you the warmth and comfort you need to keep enjoying your time outdoors.

We know the weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your usual jaunts. From early-morning dog walks to late nights round a campfire, you can experiment with layers, materials, and colours to create an autumn style that looks great but also has the functionality you need.

It’s All About Warmth

One of the most important parts of dressing for cooler weather is insulation. Obviously, autumn is not as cold as the winter months, but investing in a good quality insulted gilet can bridge the gap between autumn and winter.

It’s a good idea to start layering as you’ll probably find a sweater just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the increasingly brisk mornings. We’ve got a whole host of new jackets available from Timberland this season, including one of our best waterproof jackets – the Mont Lafayette Bomber. Not only has it got DryVent waterproof technology, it’s not so heavy that it restricts movement and leaves you feeling somewhat Inuit-ish. The best part? It’s got a hood, so you can go from stylish to functional as soon as you feel the first raindrop.

Another great tip for layering up in the cold comes by way of Timberland’s CLS (Compatible Layering System) items. Essentially, you can mix and match CLS items to create something unique that works for you and your lifestyle. For example, the Mont Kelsey M65 can be worn by itself or layer the liner with any other CLS outer layer. This lets you experiment with your style without compromising on quality.

Time for Long Sleeves

You might have been enjoying your t-shirt tan, but it’s time to embrace long sleeves for autumn. Lightweight sweaters are perfect for a new season, particularly if you plan on carrying on your outdoor adventures throughout the colder months. The Taylor River sweatshirt is a perfect example of casual seasonal style that can translate to the great outdoors with ease. For the ultimate in autumn fashion, we love the Exeter River crew sweatshirt in the very autumnal shade of burgundy. Team it with black jeans and a stylish cap or hat and you’ll be ready to go from a lunchtime walk to a cosy pub without needing to change.

If you love an early-morning, try the Raglan Red Box hoodie from The North Face. It’s snug and warm and has kangaroo pockets to keep your phone in while you run. Wear with joggers and Timberland’s Leather Oxford trainer to conjure up a workout style you can be proud of.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

You can swap up your style from head to toe, and your feet shouldn’t be forgotten. Timberland’s M.T.C.R boots are firm favourites for this season, adding contemporary edge to any look. With sneaker soles blending perfectly with Timberland’s world-renowned boot shape, it’s avant-garde without letting go of what makes Timberland work: comfort and quality.

If you’re an avid lover of the outdoors, you’ll probably be organising some excursions in spite of the change in the weather. Sometimes, heavy boots can cause discomfort when it’s not quite cold enough for heavy insulation. That’s why we’re pleased to stock a number of trainer styles that are designed for hiking and rambling. The Hedgehog Hike II from The North Face offer comfort and support with a Gore-Tex membrane that gets rid of water, perfect for when you’re caught short in a rainstorm mid-hike.

Colour Yourself In

One of the most attractive prospects for lovers of Autumn is the changing of the colours around you. While most people consider sunny weather the best to explore in, a lot can be said for the colours that you can come across at this time of year. The move from green to reds, browns, and oranges make for some beautiful woodland walks.

There are some ways you can change up your aesthetic for the upcoming season and one of the best ways to do it is to try out a new, darker colour palette. Dark reds, blues, and greys abound in autumn collections and we’re no different, with a huge range of items in some classic fall colours.

It works from head to toe as well. If you love Timberland’s classic boots, why not try something a little bit different? The Courma Guy men’s boot from Timberland has a classic style and comes in a deep rust shade that works perfectly with a more muted seasonal palette.

Whatever your lifestyle or plans for the coming season, you need to know you’re covered with a wardrobe that works for you. From quality materials to high-fashion style, Seventy Three Retail’s autumn/winter collections have everything you need.

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