Keep your footwear fresh with our handy product care guide!

Finally found your perfect pair of shoes or boots? Then what’s next?
Here at Seventy Three we want to make sure that you can keep those icons, hikers, heels or work shoes looking and feeling the best they can so that you can look your best no matter the occasion!


Luckily for you we have the perfect set of care products which mean that the next time you see us will be to add to your wardrobe rather than replace the pair you hoped might last a little longer. Take a look at these top product care tips from our in-house experts and you’ll be able to keep your favourite pair your favourite pair for years to come.


TIP 1: Protection is key

Before you take those shoes out of the box hopefully you will already have thought about a good protector. We all know the best defence is a good offence, and it would be much better to look after them now rather than thinking about reviving them later. Timberland have a few great items that will be able to add a layer of protection to your shoes easily.



Balm Proofer

If you’re unsure about how to treat certain fabrics, you have more than one texture on your shoes, or want something that can be universally used across your entire wardrobe then Balm Proofer is the perfect go to product.

It adds a water repellency to the outer layer of the material and makes it much easier to clean later. Make sure you top this this up every 2-3 weeks or when you feel another layer may be needed to get the most out of this product and ensure shoes stay protected through even the wettest weather.


If you have smooth leather boots or shoes you may want to treat you shoes with a wax or a cream. This traditional method of polishing shoes has always been the most effective way of protecting your shoes. Our ‘Waximum’ Wax protector can be used on any coloured shoes, will rehydrate and restore all leathers, and provide a water-resistant layer to the outside. Waximum works best alongside the ‘Boot Sauce Cleaner and Conditioner’ for the perfect cleaning, conditioning and protective combo.


Over time your shoes will inevitably get a build up of dirt and grime, so its worth cleaning your shoes regularly to make sure marks and dirt don’t set into the fabric. It can be difficult to know what is the best product for what you have at home so make sure you do a small patch test to understand if a product may change the colour or texture of your fabrics first. However, if you need something that you can you on all shoes at home, we have a foam spray that works a treat on any fabric.


Use ‘Renewbuck’ on leather, suedes, canvas or rubbers to spruce up even the grubbiest of your shoes. Use this spray alongside our rubber ‘Suede Brush’ to really get rid of dirt on suede or nubuck fabrics but remember this can also be used to help revive canvas products too.

With suede and nubuck its important to remember to treat them with care – stay away from polishes and creams and replace these with a ‘Dry Cleaning kit’, this can be effective in removing dirt, stains and scarring in the leathers, and with no chemicals it is a great way to teach kids how to look after their shoes too.


Cleaning leathers can be easy, but make sure to use something that is hydrating too. Just like your skin, leathers also can dry out. ‘Boot Sauce’ Cleaner and Conditioner are the perfect combination to clean and revive your shoes. Buff in the conditioner with the handy applicator head and watch it bring some colourless shine to your favourite smooth leather shoes.



If you’re looking to clean up your canvas shoes or trainers then use either ‘Boot Sauce’ Cleaner or ‘Renewbuck’ on the upper, and for a truly spectacular clean grab some ‘Sole Whitener’, this product is perfect to get those grubby trainer soles back to white. A really easy to use product that makes all the difference to making your shoes look brand new again.


Keep your trainers clean from marks and dirt with these individually packaged sneaker wipes from Timberland, there is a smooth side for cleaning dirt and a textured side for more stubborn stains. This pack contains 8 wipes, but they are only suitable for leather and not for suede.


TIP 3: Leather Accessories

It’s not only boots and shoes that need some time and care if you want them to last longer. Handbags and belts can easily start to dry out over time and are equally as prone to water damage as your footwear can be. If your accessories come with a dust bag remember to keep them stored within this when you get home, and if you can stuff your handbags at home, this can help it hold its shape. All our leather care products can also be used on leather accessories, so remember to protect and condition these at the same intervals you would your footwear. To restore suede and nubuck we also have this handy accessory to help your bags and belts look the best that they can.


This suede brush has been especially designed to help restore the nap of nubuck leather or suede. Use it to bring bags, belts and shoes back to their former glory by gently brushing back and forth to raise nap on the surface.


Care for your purchase with this Timberland dry cleaning kit comes with a cleaning bar and nylon brush, great for removing dry stains or dirt from nubuck or leather, just work it over with the bar before brushing your gear clean.