Rain Supreme: Our Favourite Waterproofs

The heavens have well and truly opened, and you probably feel like you’re getting soaked through no matter how many layers you have on. When it comes to waterproofs, sometimes the word is there but the function is not. Here, we’re looking at some of our favourite waterproof jackets for autumn and winter, as well as taking a closer look at some of the technology that makes it possible.

What Makes a Good Waterproof Jacket?

Good waterproof clothing is made with high quality materials that lock out moisture. It might sound simple, but there have been many occasions where we thought something was waterproof and ended up leaking. That’s why it is so important to look for brands that make a point of using the right technology to ensure complete dryness for the wearer.

Timberland and The North Face use patented Dryvent™ technology throughout their clothing collections. Dryvent™ fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. Moisture is kept out whilst still being breathable and comfortable. The outer layer is designed to repel water droplets and the seam-sealed design stops any water getting through to the layer beneath.

Similarly, Gore-Tex is another type of fully waterproof technology that offers complete waterproof protection—even in heavy rain and snow—plus breathability and windproofness. Most commonly Integrated into The North Face jackets and footwear, Gore-Tex is an ideal choice for adventurers who don’t want the rain to get in the way of their favourite pastimes.

Rain-Proof Jackets for the City



For family days out or date nights with a loved one, the military style and washed cotton twill of the Snowdon Peak 3-in-1 M65 jacket is a must-have for Autumn. This smart-casual jacket is made with DryVent technology, keeping you dry and wicking away any internal moisture for the ultimate comfort.

The Snowdon Peak M65 is also part of Timberland’s CLS (Compatible Layering System) meaning that it can be layered up with any outer jacket from the CLS range, meaning it will see you through the colder seasons too.



For the ultimate water-resistant pac-a-mac, you cannot go wrong with K-Way. Their colourful selection of unisex macs are perfect for days out in the city when the weather is unpredictable. When you’re popping in and out of shops and hopping on trains and taxis as it can be easily packed away into a pocket. Not only are these jackets fully functional, but they have a sleek urban style reminiscent of 90s street fashion. Bright colours and comfortable material make it a popular choice, and the unisex design adds versatility.

The Le Vrai Leon is designed with a kangaroo pocket in the front, which is where the jacket packs into, with a half-zip and hood for maximum coverage. The Le Vrai 3.0 Claude differs slightly with a full-length zip with a pac-a-way side pocket for people who are on the go.

Coats for the Countryside

If you plan on getting out and about on some autumn adventures this season, you’ll need to know that you’re covered with the very best raincoat possible. The new Therma Range jacket (left) from Timberland is perfect for any high-energy activities in wetter conditions as it is designed to be completely waterproof as well as being breathable, with under arm ventilation zips to make sure you can keep on being active in the rain without overheating.

Like Timberland, The North Face know that those who live an outdoor lifestyle don’t want to stop their favourite activities for a few drops of rain. The Fanorak (centre) is a stylish extra layer for women to add on cooler days, featuring an adjustable three-piece hood to keep showers at bay. It is treated with DryVent technology so that it is fully waterproof. When temperatures rise and you no longer need to wear it, stow it into its own kangaroo pocket to convert it into a waist bag for easy transport.


For the ultimate in function, we recommend the Mountain Light Gore-Tex shell jacket from The North Face (above, right). It’s a rainproof jacket that is made from Gore-Tex fabric to provide an impenetrable moisture barrier for guaranteed dryness. When you choose this mountain-ready jacket with a water-repellent centre zip and a mesh lining, you can be sure that you will stay protected in even the poorest autumn and winter weather.

An Anorak for the Eco-Conscious

One jacket we’re excited to shout about is the Ecoriginal anorak from Timberland. It is made from 100% recycled fabric and trims. It features an adjustable hood and a laminated coating that offers protection from the rain. Guilt-free and super stylish, it’s a great choice for those who are more conscious of what they are wearing.

As part of the new ‘Do Good’ collection, it follows the launch of the Ecoriginal bomber jacket and is the first range to be made from 100% recycled materials. A part of the ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ campaign, Timberland want to set an example and help people make better choices when it comes to fashion, by looking at how small lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on the world we live in. Shop the Sustainable Collection.

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