Sustainability Rules!

At Seventy Three we are proud to work with brands such as Timberland and The North Face who are leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable planet. As a small company ourselves, we believe that we can make a difference too, if we support the brands that we work with and follow their lead by making small changes to our everyday lifestyle.

By doing things as simple as recycling more or reducing our household energy use we can help make difference. And simple changes like this will hopefully set and example, catch on and inspire others to do the same thing. The brands we choose to work with are working towards the same end goal, and are dedicated to sustainable products and innovations.

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Timberland believe that a greener future is a better future and we agree with them. Their latest campaign ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ uses real people within the community who devote their talents and lives to making the world a better place to live. These people are environmental Heroes, who use their position within society to get their voice heard and get their message accross. The shoes and apparel from the Nature Needs Heroes campaign are also more eco-friendly because they use recycled materials for better sustainability.

Here, we bring you a closer look at the people Timberland have selected to be nature’s heroes.

Inna Modja is Malian-French female singer and model who grew up in a country where it is impossible not to take notice of the devastation that climate change causes to the planet on a daily basis. Timberland have chosen to use Inna for part of their ‘Nature Needs Heroes‘ campaign because as well as being an International musician, she is also a leading voice for the Great Green Wall project which will see millions of trees planted across the entire width of Africa to fight climate change and help put an end to famine and drought.

As an environmental activist, Inna uses her voice and position within the community to talk about what is really happening to the planet and shares her message through her music. She hopes that by getting her voice heard and raising awareness, she will inspire others to follow her lead.

Inna wants everyone to make changes and do something small on a daily basis – this can be through doing something as simple as recycling or researching and buying fairtrade products. If people can become more aware of what that they are doing everyday they can become their own hero for nature. Inna believes that if we all start to make small changes, as time goes on we will find ourselves making more and more. By doing this, we can make a difference for the future generations, our children and their children.

Inna is wearing the Bluebell Lane derby shoe from Timberland featuring a recycled rubber wedge heel.

Jorn Wemmenhove is the Co-Founder of an agency called Humankind, who’s goal is to ignite peoples passion for the great outdoors and bring people and nature together. The agency helps people to rediscover their love for nature by encouraging people to get outdoors and take advantage of green open spaces, especially in cities. Jorn believes in creating cities that are kind to the planet, by helping to bring nature to even the busiest places.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life he makes sure that there are green spaces ready and waiting, where people can take some time out to destress and restore both their physical and mental health.

Jorn thinks that short-term actions can bring about long-term solutions. This is what he calls ‘Tactical Urbanism’. His advice for others on how to be a hero of nature is to just do what you can and have fun while your doing it.

Jorn is wearing the new M.T.C.R. Boots (Moc Toe Chukka Reimagined) which are designed using premium leather from a silver-rated tannery, which supports best environmental practices. They also feature linings made of 50% recycled PET (the stuff plastic bottles are made of) and laces made of 100% recycled PET. He is wearing them with the Ecoriginal Bomber Jacket from Timberland. Made with 100% recycled fabric and trims, the onion quilted look is a stylish way to add eco-friendly fashion to your Autumn wardrobe.

Wilson Oryema is a multitalented writer, artist, model and environmental campaigner from London. His first book came out at the end of 2017 and in the same year he walked the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Now a regular on fashion scene, with a couple of exhibitions under his belt, Wilson uses his platform to promote defending the planet. His focus is taking rubbish and using it as a visual commentary on the danger of our waste habits.

Wilson, who’s mother came from Uganda, working within the charity sector, says that growing up he was always very aware of charity organisations and what they were doing to help the planet, which inspired his passion for environmental issues. He began to use poetry to communicate his thoughts and ideas on consumption and the way it affects human behaviour and the environment. Instead of telling people what they should be doing, like recycling, he uses psychology by presenting them with underlying reasons to why they aren’t already recycling. He simplifies his messages to try and make them more interesting and relatable.

Wilson is wearing the Timberland Brooklyn Hiker which is made using ReBOTL™ fabric made from recycled plastic and have an  Aerocore™ energy system for added comfort. You can be sure to stay dry in wet weather too, as they have a water-repellant treatment.

From Left to right: Shop the Bluebell Lane Derby shoe, M.T.C.R Boot & Brooklyn Hiker Boot.

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