Timberland Goes Down Free: How They are Leading the Way in Cruelty-Free Fashion

Sustainability and responsible sourcing are hot topics at the moment and are a major area of focus for the Timberland brand in terms of the ethical treatment of animals, and the knock-on environmental effect this has

More and more people are consciously making a choice to purchase from brands that are making a certified effort to be more sustainable – and this is something we can all do to help the world around us. Timberland believe that all animals should be treated with care and respect and with that in mind they are making big changes for the better, towards cruelty-free fashion that still has the quality, durability and functionality the brand is known for around the world. In this article, we are highlighting Timberland’s Autumn / Winter 2019 jacket collection and focusing on their bold move to down-free insulation using the latest cutting edge technology.

Down-Free Insulated Outerwear

One of the most exciting changes for the Timberland brand is the movement from traditional down to Ecodown® fibres in Timberland’s insulated jackets. Down has always been considered the warmest form of insulation however with synthetic technology ever-evolving, Timberland are now able to take a huge step towards guilt-free clothing choices for their valued customers. Using five branded technologies, they are moving towards 100% down-free clothing.

Ecodown®, designed and made by insulation experts TherMore®, is a synthetic product made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. So, rather than ending up in landfill, they find new life as part of Timberland’s outerwear range. The Ecodown® fibres also give the same level of warmth as 90/100 feathers and can therefore be blown into a garment in the same way. Ecodown® is also washable and the fibres don’t clump together in the wash, meaning it is highly durable and long-lasting.

As well as Ecodown®, Timberland’s insulated jackets also use technologies like Comfortemp and Primaloft for all-round cruelty-free warmth. Although Timberland has never used feathers live-plucked from animals, the move to synthetic fibres has been hailed as a huge step towards guilt-free clothing choices for their valued customers.

Down-Free Warmth from Autumn to Winter

We love the new grading system Timberland are giving to their insulated jackets, showing off the fact that synthetic fabrics can recreate different levels of warmth without using real feathers. Using one of the most advanced thermal testing technologies in the world, Timberland jackets are put thought their paces. Using thermal imaging and a climatic chamber, the whole garment is tested to identify and improve the lower performing areas of a jacket. Let’s take a look at some of the new season jackets from warm to warmest.

Warm Jackets



One of the best lightweight but warm Timberland coats for men is the Axis Peak and it comes in a navy blue and dark green in two styles with and without a hood. It’s insulated with thermofibre technology for all-over warmth this winter. It’s also part of the CLS (Compatible Layering System), meaning it can be worn alongside any other pieces from the CLS range and layered up when the weather gets really cold.



Nothing says urban chic quite like a bomber jacket. Made with TherMore® Ecodown® thermal insulation and certified as a warm jacket, the materials used to make it are 100% recycled from PET bottles. This jacket is part of Timberland’s new ‘Do Good’ collection and ALL the materials used to make it are 100% recycled. The onion quilted look is a stylish way to add complimentary or contrasting accent to an outfit and echoes Japanese street style.

Warmer Jackets

Neo Summit

The Neo Summit jacket is a warm and cosy addition to your wardrobe this winter. With WARMER-level primaloft insulation and made from water-resistant fabrics, it’s a surefire hit for autumn and winter adventures. It’s available in a range of colours to suit any style making it an ideal alternative to down feathers against cold, wet weather.


Therma Range

This hooded jacket, made with TherMore® Thermal Booster technology, has been designed for everyday city commutes all season long. It adapts to various weather conditions with ventilation zippers and carry straps to help you stay comfortable when you’re on the go.

Warmest Jackets

Scar Ridge Parka

Super stylish and guilt-free, the Scar Ridge waterproof parka is designed for every possible situation. Whether you’re passionate for fashion or you’re in love with quality materials, this jacket is for you. It features hand warming chest pockets, a removable fur hood, and fleece hip pockets.

Nordic Edge

Filled with TherMore® Ecodown® thermal insulation, it is a great eco-friendly choice to keep you insulated and cosy throught the whole of winter. The protective collar comes up high around the neck and the ergonomic hood is great to have for really cold weather conditions, whilst the utility style pockets come with fleece lining.


If you’re thinking of upgrading your wardrobe but you want to make sure you’re making the best choices for the environment, start with Timberland coats for men and women. For more information about Timberland’s efforts to be more sustainable, check out our collection page.

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